Monday, September 17, 2012

"Giving Me A Chance"

Music video for Gotye. "Giving Me A Chance" is from the album "Making Mirrors".

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Bla Bla Bla"

Musicvideo for mexican band "Jumbo". The song is "Bla bla bla" from the album "Alto al fuego". This time we invited Enriqueta Llorca and her alter ego "Escafi" to play with us.

"El Rey del Mambo y la Reina de Saba"

Musicvideo for spanish group "Klaus & Kinski". The song is from their album "Tierra, trĂ¡galos". (Jabalina Records 2010).
On this project we collaborated with Emma Kidd who made most of the backgrounds.

"Los enamorados"

Musicvideo for the spanish band Pumuky. The song "Los enamorados" is from their album "El bosque en llamas". (Jabalina Records 2009)
It was our first project together and was made deep into the norwegian woods animating old fruit, puppets, yarn, hair and a cat.

It won the third prize in the category "best animated music video" at the International Musiclipfestival in Barcelona and was also shortlisted for the spanish MTV music awards 2009.